The IT Strategy Cards® are a great tool for defining your IT Strategy and facilitating your strategy workshops in a structured yet practical manner.

IT Strategy Cards

These IT Strategy Cards are intended to facilitate your IT strategy design and IT strategy workshops. The card deck is composed of eight domains, each containing multiple topics, with one card per topic.

Strategy Tool

Each purchase also includes free access to this useful online tool, which allows the registration of feedback from your workshop participants and consolidates it into a dashboard that is useful for defining your IT strategy.

One card deck allows one person to be configured in the tool; thus, a workshop with, for example, five participants, will require a separate card deck for each person.


This purchase automatically includes online updates free for one year whenever new cards become available. This can be extended with an annual subscription of which you will be notified when your free one-year subscription is about to expire.


Strategy-cards.com offers high-quality cards that facilitate managers to produce smarter strategies and efficiently organise strategy workshops.

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Information Technology – Jan Verbruggen – ISBN 978-9-07-635300-5


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